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Can't Detect my Xbox 360 Formatted Flash Drive


When I try to load a save from a FATX storage device; it gives me the "NO FATX DEVICES" error. The type of flash drive I'm using is a SanDisk Ultra 16GB, and I'm pretty sure the model number is "SDCZ45-016G" without quotes. I've done what the error box suggests by making sure that no other programs are accessing/reading the flash drive.

If this could be fixed, then it would make my save editing process a lot faster, since I won't have to wait for either Horizon or Modio to start up to be able to access my save.

Thanks in advance!



amd64 wrote Nov 1, 2014 at 1:39 AM

Thank you for the issue report. It is very much appreciated.

However, Liberty is no longer in development at this point (last update was almost two years ago) and we are not interested in working on it any further.