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Halo Reach - Armor Abilities


I don't know if it's all levels, or just Exodus, but I noticed it there when you're required to get a jet pack to cross a gap. The icon for the armor ability is still there, but there is nothing to pick up.
I then restarted the level & got to a checkpoint next to some lockup abilities. After trying to mod it with max everything, then just invincibility & ammo, then again with just invincibility, each time the item would disappear but the icon would remain above where it should be.


AnyoneGotADollar wrote Jul 30, 2013 at 11:37 PM

I had this problem and I found a workaround that solved it. Start the mission, then immediately save and quit. Make the changes you want then when you get to the extra tweeks screen, expand the grouping that has the armor abilities. Replace the equipped Sprint with one of the unlabeled ones, and you should have no armor ability when you load the game. You should be able to pick up armor abilities normally after that, but just to be extra safe you can wait till you get to the jetpack to pick it up. That's what I did, so I'm not sure if you can pick up an ability before that and be able to swap it with jetpack. Hope this helps you and gets this kink fixed.